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Put the Appraisers Petition on your Web Site!
and other ways to promote the petition.

If you support this Petition here's how you can have a copy of the petition on your site. It will look exactly like this. You will notice that there are no logos or graphics on the page. It is pure HTML and there are even links at the top and bottom of the page that will take the web visitor back to the page on your site that they came from. Of course when they click on "sign the petition" they go to the form at because we must keep all the signatures and validations at one place because we don't want multiple signatures and anything else that would decrease the credibility of the petition. Also when they click on "view signatures" they are taken to the section of the petition at where the signatures exist.

Step by Step Instructions to Place the Petition (exactly as shown in the copy here ) on your site:

  1. Right click on this appraisers petition link.
  2. Choose "save target as" (if using Internet Explorer) or "save link as" (if using Netscape) and save the file to your hard drive. The file name is appraiserspetition.htm and there is no reason to rename it unless you just want to.
  3. Then upload the file (appraiserspetition.htm) to your web server.
  4. Then place a link somewhere on your existing website to the Petition file that you just uploaded (appraiserspetition.htm).

That's all there is too it! Some cautions:

  • Do not change the wording or the layout of the petition! We will loose credibility if the petition does not look and read the same at all the sites. This is very important!
  • Check and make sure your link works that you place to the Petition from your site.
  • If you have any questions about this please me.

    Other ways to support and help circulate this petition:

    1. Place a link to the Petition from your web site. The URL is: or
    2. Send email to appraisers you know with the link: or DO NOT send email to people you don't know. Unsolicited email (SPAM) is illegal.
    3. By word of mouth to other appraisers you know.

      Each person makes a difference, and every signature counts!

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